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The secret in the forest could be that there is a newly discovered species had been found in the forest and it was hiding in the forest all along. Also, the secret in the forest could be that people are building something totally amazing in the forest or a new attraction that people would love to see. Or maybe there’s treasure in the forest and and the first person in the forest would become famous! Or rich! The secret in the forest could be lots and lots of things.

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10 dream jobs


1. Astronaut


3. Archaeologist


5.Fashion designer

6.Stunt driver


8.Sky diver

9.Police woman

10.Chocolate maker

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10 I want to meet dead or alive


1.K.A Applegate

2.Pablo Picasso

3.Selena Gomaz

4.Christopher Columbus

5.Thomas Edison

6.Leonardo da Vinci

7.Shel Shilverston

8.Elbert Einstein

9.Vincent van Gogh

10.Terry Fox

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Poptropica is my most favourite game to play. Here’s how it works: Go on your computer and type in Poptropica, next you click on New player (If you already have a saved account, then click on returning player. If you click on New player, first pick your gender then after pick how old you are. As soon as you get your player, if you want to change you appearance, click on change character below the picture of your player, then when your done changing your player, click on the basket thing that is on top of you. When you reach any island, here’s how you move your player: Do you see that arrow thing where your mouse is supposed to be? When it is coloured in, click or click and hold to move. If the arrow is blue, it means running or walking . If the arrow is green, that means jumping and if the arrow is yellow, it means ducking. You can’t move when the arrow has a loading sign or when it has no colour. Click on people to talk to them. When you get something and its put in your bag, click on the bag. Sometime you need to equip something, so use the space bar or as soon as you equip something, it might show that object you equipped on the screen, so click on it when you need to use it.

Have fun with Poptropca!

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My favourite holiday


My favourite holiday is Christmas because as soon as I get up and go downstairs you will see pretty raped present of every kind: dolls, cars, video games every single toy I can think of. Then I play with the toys forever and ever until I get tried. The day before Christmas is Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve I’m so excited cause Santa is coming that night and is going to give me presents. in the evening I will put stockings up near the chimney so as soon as Santa comes down the chimney, he’ll see the stockings and put little toys in them. I will also set up cookies and milk so if Santa is hungry he’ll have a quick snack. Thats why I love Christmas!


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Trend Graph for Terry Fox Donations


On September 21st, people just started to know about the Terry Fox Donations so it went up a little. By September 26th more people knew about  it so it went up a lot. On the 27th it went up a lot. On the 28th, it went down a lot because a lot of people donated all ready and they don’t want to waste more money. On the first of October, it went up a little because there where new students in the class and they didn’t know about the Terry Fox Donation. on the 3rd it went down because a lot of people moved from the school. On the forth lots of people moved into the class and started to donate. On October 5th it went down because a lot of people birthdays are on the 5th so they need to buy presents. On the 9th very small amount of people got money so it went up a little bit. By the tenth more people got money. And by the 11th a rich person moved into the class so it went up a lot.

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My imaginary place


If I were to have an imaginary place, it would have chocolate water falls and melted cheese fountains. A rainbow slide and Popsicle rain. Houses would be made of white marble and there would be spaghetti trees. Roads would be made of hard candy. There would be an enchanted forest full of fairies and pixies that would grant your wishes. Everyone is very nice there. the grass there is made of marshmallows so when you fall on the grass, you won’t get hurt and your clothes won’t get dirty. There are candy apple trees so when you get hungry, just pick one and eat it.

See you soon!


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Must see Movie


The movie you should see over the holidays is Dragons Gift of the Night Fury. It actually the next chapter of How to Train your own Dragon. Hiccups and Toothless are celebrating Christmas and suddenly, a whole pack of different looking dragons fly past the town, going somewhere. Then, all the dragons in the town take flight, in other words, flying away. Meanwhile, Hiccups rides Toothless through the clouds, then all the dragons that flew away fly right into Hiccups and Toothless! Hiccups is taken by surprise! Then, a passing dragon knocks Hiccups helmet towards the ocean. The next day Hiccups makes Toothless a new tail so Toothless can fly on his own. As soon as he puts it on, Toothless flies away. Soon, another dragon takes Hiccups to a island where the dragons lay their eggs. As soon as all the dragons and their babies return to the town. Everyone is so happy, all except for Hiccups because Toothless did’nt come back. But at that moment, Toothless comes in, holding Hiccups helmet! So it all turned out to be a happy ending. Oh-I forgot to mention that the movie is a little short than usual.

Hope you watch it!


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What I’m thankful for


I’am thankful for my family, how they support me when I get hurt. I’m thankful for the yummy dishes my grandmother and mom makes me. I’am thankful for me going to school unlike some girls in other countries don’ get to go to school. I’m thankful that have a non-bullying school so no one will tease anyone. Thankful for having such a nice house with nice beds and enough water to last you a life time. I’am thankful great holidays like Christmas and the new year. I’am thankful for living in Canada.

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